Reason For The Project

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Reason for the Project

The mission of the Hollidaysburg Area School District is to educate each student to realize his/her individual potential within the challenges of a global society.  In order to maintain a quality academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular program which is essential to enable our students to realize that vision amidst rising costs and less than commensurate funding,   the Hollidaysburg Area School District, like many others across the state, is forced to explore new revenue sources to generate necessary funding.  One such source is corporate sponsorship.

The Restore the Roar Committee, a partnership of the Hollidaysburg Area School District and the Hollidaysburg Area School District Foundation and consisting of District administrators, teachers and coaches, Foundation and District board members, and community members has designed a three phase project that will include turf replacement, fencing and lighting improvements, and field house construction.   The scheduled upgrades will ensure the safety of our students and facility patrons while enhancing the community for decades to come.


Who does this project benefit?


The Restore the Roar project benefits everyone in the community.  The project benefits our athletes by making the turf surface safer.  By obtaining corporate sponsorship, it also allows the District to commit a greater percentage of our funds to academics.  The project also benefits area businesses who gain valuable advertising exposure at the premier community facility at the center of town.  Lastly, the project benefits community members who are free to use the facility and whose property values will increase as a result of the establishment of the aesthetically pleasing community resource.